Blooms is a bracelet-necklace hybrid, in a new copper & sterling metal duo. The woven body is slinky, flexible, and comfortable to wear. Wear it double-wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet, or once around the neck.

Handwoven from copper wire, each piece is a full day of weaving work. It clicks securely into place with a high-quality, handmade, sterling clasp; which is slightly curved to rest against the curves of the body.

The woven body of this adornment may loosen and lengthen slightly over time, as it breaks in with regular wearing. We recommend sizing down if you are unsure. Please email us if you have sizing questions - we are happy to help. 

Design Logistics :

  • Fully Handwoven Double-Walled copper body
  • Sterling Silver curved box-clasp
  • Lightly-sealed copper reduces the likelihood of color-change for those with acidic skin

Measurements :

  • Width : 2 cm
  • Weight : approximately 50 grams
  • Lengths :
    • 38 cm
    • 39 cm
    • 40 cm
    • 41 cm



    Care : Please visit our Adornments Care page for a full list of tips and tricks to keep your adornments thriving.