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Linguistically, the latin root word for peach is persica. Even the most juicy and delicious fruits may not come to fruition without a strong and grounded root system. Ancient legends speak to the properties of ruby being connected with our life sustaining fluid, our blood. When we connect to our base, envisioning the womb of our mothers, remembering that our blood was once her blood, these networks of creation physically look like the roots or branches of a tree.


Design Logistics :

This handmade one-at-a-time, one-of-a-kind process, expresses organic nature. The rough ruby crystal in the center is open on both sides, and translucent in the light.

  • Earthy, elegant, sleek, and easy to wear everyday
  • 100% Sterling Silver, Rustic hand-sawed & textured frame
  • Earring Clasp is easy to open and close & very secure when worn
  • Medium-grade raw, unpolished naturally formed Ruby stones
  • Textured & polished patinated surface 
  • Darkened finish fades to light as the roots grow outwards

*These earrings are not cast from a wax mold; each pair is made by hand, so expect subtle and unique differences from the photograph.*


Care : Please visit our Adornments Care page for a full list of tips and tricks to keep your adornments thriving.